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Step 6 in your skincare routine: Moisturise


Suitable for Dry to normal skin type.

Black Gold is the ultimate nourishment for healthy skin! 24K Gold Infused In Black Seed Oil Rich in Omega 3, 6, Vitamin B, C, E, and Antioxidants. Use as an oil cleanser, moisturiser, or as a makeup base/primer. Helps to restore the look of vibrancy to your skin Nourishes your skin, thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained in our oil. The Black Seed helps to repair your skin while the other beneficial oils help to fade away marks or scars from old acne/pimples. A great moisturiser, thanks to its fatty acids which help to encourage a youthful look. 24K Gold flakes, which is great for collagen boost for the skin and fights wrinkles thus delays ageing.


30ml/ 1FL Oz e

Black Gold Elixir Nourishing Facial Oil

  • ALWAYS do a patch test first and do not use if you are sensitive to black seed oil.