How to achieve a skin-life finish with makeup!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

With summer round the corner we all want that perfect skin! But little is more when it comes to foundation as we don't want to look like a melted ice-cream walking around in the heat! We want our skin to look flawless but without the cake... is that possible? Well here at FWBEAUTY Beauty Room we know that it IS possible and we will share our secrets on how to get a SKIN-LIKE finish to your makeup!

1. Skincare is KEY when it comes to good makeup application. Your skincare doesn't have to be complicated but it does have to exist! You need the following basic steps to your skincare in order for your skin to improve over time: Cleanser- We recommend our Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar which is suitable for all skin types. This mild cleansing bar will leave your skin feeling moisturised and isn't like your traditional "soap" which dry out your skin. Toner - use this every other day if you have dry skin but everyday if you have oily/combination skin. We recommend our Saffron Facial Toning Mist for a brighter look after cleansing. Hydrate- very important and often a step everyone misses. You need to apply a good hydrating ingredient onto your skin to keep your skin looking quenched, and youthful! We recommend our new prouduct which perfect to fill this void in your skincare routine. A new product coming very soon to FWBEAUTY! Stay subscribed to our website to be notified of when it will be launching. Moisturise- We love our facial oils.. yes even for the summer! We recommend our Gold Elixir for a light overall moisture (you only need a couple of drops all over the face). SPF- Very important for everyday and EVEN MORE important for the summer! We recommend our new product which is a suncream coming soon to FWBEAUTY which will be the final step in your skincare routine and the barrier you need to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Of course like all our skincare products, this will be natural and organic and will be perfect for the whole family to use! Stay subscribed to our website to be notified of when it is launching! So now you have your skincare sorted and your skin is prepped.. lets move onto makeup application!

To prime or not to prime... only essential if you have oily or textured skin and require a "veil" over your skin for better foundation application. We like our Gold Elixir as a primer and cream or liquid foundations love it too so we like to skip the primer step.

2. Foundation: Cream foundations will always offer a more fuller coverage than liquid. Remember we said less is more when it comes to makeup in the summer as we want that "glowing from within look" to our skin. Opt for a good liquid foundation (we will give our top ten liquid foundation recommendations on a separate blog) and apply with a makeup sponge (we recommend our big blender or blend and set makeup sponge, depending on your preference) or even your fingers! This will ensure a smooth and light coverage. You can always go over any problems areas with a little more product later.

3. BLOT IT!Take a 2 ply tissue and pull it apart. Use one of the sheets to blot your foundation to remove any excess product and oil which has collected. Do this especially around your t-zone area and under your eyes. This will ensure the right amount of foundation is left your skin and will stop the "melted face" or "cracked face" look!

4. Opt for cream or liquid blush, lip & eye products. Cream or liquid blush and eye products tend to blend well with the base. We recommend our FW LIQUID LIPS as a good option, not only for the lips but also for the cheeks and even the eyes!!(the model above wore liquid lip gloss on top of the eyeshadow to create a wet look (we do not recommend this if wearing the look out and as it will end up creasing)

5. FINISH with a GOOD FINISHING SPRAYA nice dewy finish to your makeup will help further prolong the longevity of it and add to the "glowy/dewy" finish. Opt for a finishing spray NOT a setting spray- there is a difference! Setting sprays are like hairsprays- developed to SET your makeup. Although in the heat that is a good option.. ask yourself whether you really need it. Of course if your face is a pool of sweat as soon as you walk outside in the heat then grab that setting spray but if you just need a little bit of something to finish and blend all the makeup together to "finish" the look then opt for our Glow Mist (which also has mild setting capabilities so is almost your 2 in 1). We have the colour 24k Gold in our cosmetics line and will be releasing two new shades in time for the summer! These will be limited stock so keep an eye out when they go on sale because when they're finish, they will not be coming back!

We hope you found these tips helpful. We found tip number 3 most helpful and a game changer for makeup application to give that "skin finish" look. Try and it and hashtag #fwbeauty so we can share your looks on our pages too! We will be back with more helpful tips and advice very soon!FWBEAUTY BEAUTY ROOM


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